There’s an interesting theory: ‘Humor is where we go to fix the darkest parts of us.’
Okay, technically that’s not a ‘theory’. Also, I made it up.
Also, it’s probably all too true.

One of the most comfortable ways to explore the most painful, corrosive, and humiliating parts of our nature and history is with comedy. We’ve all heard the maxim: true humor is based on truth.
(I didn’t make that one up)

This post is a ‘summary’ of all the excuses the right has come up with, and every single one is something said or done, unironically by these exact people.

In some cases, tears and laughter can come all at once.

This so perfectly encapsulates the absurdity, mania, and dysfunction of the right when they have to deal with reality. This is one of the rare occasions when a person could rightly apply the descriptor; “Preposterous”. We are far off the cliff, we are beyond the looking glass, and we ain’t in Kansas anymore. We have been hijacked by mindless zombies.

Thank God we have humor.