I have a very hard time having sympathy  for people who bring suffering or even death upon themselves due to their own abject ignorance, unfounded fears, and irrational rage. Less so because those very traits usually wind up bringing great suffering on everyone, including the people who’ve made the effort to understand  the world and seek to contribute to the general welfare.

But regardless of the fact that Trumpsters are belligerent, low-effort thinkers who really DO want to assert their white Christian primacy over everyone they don’t like, they are just as much victims of Trump’s pernicious, lying personality.

We may never know how many people believed Trump when he said that coronavirus was no threat and then subsequently died because they didn’t think they had to protect themselves or others… but we can be certain that many did.

So, if you or someone you know is a Trumpsters who listened to Trump, believed his bullshit, and died as a result….


If you or someone in your family died because someone listened to and believed Trump and caused damages or death based on that belief….

Please… talk to an attorney about a Wrongful Death suit. Maybe, if the next seven generations of the Trump family have to root through the trash to survive, political leaders will start to reconsider lying their supporters to their deaths.