What else is there to say? Actually, quite a lot. One of my favorite rejoinders to “Trump is the best presnit of my life!” is:

 “For the first time in history, a stunningly criminal president is not only protected from indictment by virtue of the office, but a Republican controlled Senate formed a complete protective bulwark around him to prevent EVEN evidence of his crimes from hitting the floor.

Here’s the fun part:

There is nothing, LITERALLY nothing that you can do or say, no memes or graphics you can post, not a single study, report, or opinion piece that you can link to, NOTHING that will change this one thing:

History is written.

Trump will go down in history as the worst POTUS we have ever had, or at least never show up above ‘third worst’. There are exactly four things that can happen that might prevent that:

1) An absolute miracle occurs and, before he leaves office, Trump has an epiphany, becomes thus enlightened, and performs some magnificent service to the nation or world that reaps benefits for ALL of the people for decades to come. (Too Late)

2) Trump becomes a dictator, takes over the entire world without nuking it, then proceeds to scrub every single record of his presidency, every quote, every video, and every living memory of his ineptitude from the face of the planet and rewrites an entirely fictional legacy. (Also Too Late)

3) Someone worse comes to power which, after him, is highly unlikely because once he’s gone I guarantee the holes in the law he exploited will be closed. It IS however possible #2 happens and Eric becomes president. In that case, Trump will take the ‘second worst’ trophy. (Still Possible)

4) A Giant Asteroid wipes out all life on the planet.

Barring those, it’s too late. Take into account how he incited the attack on the capitol building, and that legacy is cemented. It’s a complete waste of your efforts. Present and future historians, economists, and political scientists do NOT get their information from Fox ‘News’, MSNBC, Rush Limbaugh, Breitbart, CNN, or the Daily Wire. They follow the Congressional Record, use hard-wrought statistics, and deal with straight audio, video, and vetted transcripts. In other words: ‘Facts’.

We know how those are anathema to most conservatives… and they stand the test of time.

History is written.

Historians will look at Trump’s record golf outings (despite his promise not to golf), failure to perform even the basic duties of the office, trashing of vital strategic alliances, divisive language and policies, unprecedented number of lies, siding with a murderous dictator against his own intelligence agencies, starting an unprovoked trade war and passing tax cuts for the rich (both of which eroded the economy), poor handling of the pandemic, prima facie violations of The Emoluments Clause, The Hatch Act, extortion laws, the Presidential Records Act (Historians HATE when leaders destroy records), and a whole litany of other failures, and they will universally rate him as a

So go ahead and laugh reacc, rage, melt, post whatever you want until your fingers turn blue trying to convince anyone he’s anything but a shitstain on the tapestry of human history… you might as well try to blow out the Sun.”

– Now ask me how I really feel.

So here it is. Available on T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweats, Pillow cases, Coffee (Cofveve) Mugs, and more. Also available in tons of colors. Sooner or later we’re going to dump Trump. For the sake of humanity, the sooner the better.

Yes, it’s too kind.


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