There are no ‘ifs’, ‘ands’, or ‘buts’ here. Unless the reason you’re upset is because Greg McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Bryan got off too easy, you are a racist. 

Here’s why:

Without knowing whether or not Ahmaud Arbrey committed a crime, Greg McMichael, Travis McMichael, and William Bryan, three white, Southern men, took it upon themselves to chase him down, confront him, and kill the young, unarmed black man. The reason you are a racist is because you have chosen to believe a narrative with virtually no evidence to support it. This isn’t my ‘opinion’, this is a fact. He was not in possession of any stolen property. He did not ‘tresspass’ any more than any of us who have checked out an unoccupied, completely open, and mostly unbuilt house under construction. The fact that those same three men took no action whatsoever against the white people who were also caught on camera ‘trespassing’ on that same property paints a clear picture of their racist motivations. You claim that he ‘had a record’, as though that justifies his murder. The problem with that is that black men are already up to 20 times more likely to be arrested for the exact same behavior than white people due to the fact that they are more likely to be targeted and incarcerated by the legal system. Just because racists tend to be a bit insipid; that means that being black means you’re many times more likely to wind up with a criminal record just for being black. That’s one of the very good reasons that Arbrey’s record was not permitted as evidence; it was completely irrelevant to the events on the day of his murder. 
Now let’s do a little mental exercise:

Imagine a young white man was ‘suspected’ of stealing from a construction site and three black men got in their trucks, ran him down, and shot him. Did you just think “A white man wouldn’t have attacked them!”.
You just proved you’re a racist… at least to yourself. You thought that because, as a racist, you like to pretend white people are ‘less aggressive’.
You might actually be right, but not for the reason you think. A white man might have thrown up his hands and got on his knees because as a white man, he would have actual hope that his whiteness would save him.  

Black people in this country have never had that hope. Ever.

We really don’t know how any given individual would react. Would you decide you had to fight for your life? Do you think you’d be the hero who would snatch the gun away from his attackers and turn the tables? As a white person, you might have that choice. Recent history has proven that black people do not have that choice. Ahmaud Arbrey came to the very reasonable conclusion he was about to be killed. 
Now, if you came to that conclusion yourself would you close your eyes and wait for the blast that would end your life, or would you try to save yourself?
We don’t know what he was thinking for certain before he died, but he found himself in the very same situation many thousands of black people in our history have when their lives were about to be ended.
If you don’t understand, believe, or care about that, it’s because you’re a racist.

So here is where we tie this together:

There are two narratives here; one is that Arbrey was out getting exercise, doing what millions of people do every day and like millions of people have, he checked out a home under construction. Then three white guys decided that Arbrey, being black, could ONLY be up to no good and took it upon themselves to confront him with lethal force.
The other narrative is that Arbrey was actually up to no good and three upstanding citizens took it upon themselves to make a ‘citizen’s arrest’. Then Arbrey viciously attacked them, forcing them to defend themselves from an unarmed but really dangerous black man.

The first narrative is supported by all the evidence available, and controverted (that means ‘refuted‘) by no evidence whatsoever. No, having a history doesn’t make everything one does ‘criminal‘.
The second narrative is controverted by all available evidence, including video.

That means that if you CHOOSE to believe the second narrative, there is only one reason: You automatically see black people as dangerous criminals.

That. Makes. You. A. RACIST.

Now, there actually is only one other possibility here; if you can honestly say that you would have wanted three black men to go free after gunning a white man down in the street based entirely on suspicion, that means that you’re inimical to (that means ‘against‘) due process and the assumption of innocence to begin with. Therefore you are against the Constitution of the United States of America. You might not be a racist, but that makes you an un-American piece of shit. Not sure which is worse, but they seem to go hand-in-hand.

Iowa homeowner says swastikas, Confederate flags are not racist
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