One of my favorite things about any truth which is arrived at through meticulously cultivated facts is that it defies distortion. Those who engage in intellectual dishonesty on any such established reality are therefore only positioning themselves for ridicule. One such deliberate distortion by modern conservatives is the desperate projection of ‘racism’ on to Democrats. They do this because they know what they are, but must resort to self-deception so that they can live with themselves. Naturally, this is quite childish behavior as any self-realized adult would instead take pains to change and improve themselves. But in the case of conservatives, they can’t do this because it would separate them from their ‘tribe’. So instead of ever trying to become better people, they desperately paint the ‘other side’ as ‘just as bad’ as they are… and the irony is completely lost on them. So it has become popular with conservatives to claim, correctly, that “The Democrats founded the KKK!”. Any student of politics and history knows why this is farcical; the Democrats used to be the ‘conservative’ party back then. While the Republican and Democratic parties switched platforms over the course of the 20th century, ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ maintained their ideologies with great consistency. They try desperately to overlook that, of course, because that reality is inconvenient to their attempts to project.

What’s fun about this is the fact that they can’t actually escape the reality when forced to face the lunacy of their narrative. Thus, this graphic:

So by all means, the next time a ‘conservative’ says “Democrats are the REAL racists!” and they invoke the KKK or the Civil War, just hit them with this graphic and watch their heads explode. Krack on, BSBuzzers!

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