G. S. Croft
Buzzsaw Press Nov 16, 2018

The video of Jim Acosta fighting to impose journalism on the White House press briefing, and the subsequent revocation of Acosta’s White House press pass, made national news last week after a contentious battle over a microphone. Today, after a CNN suit against the White House, the judge ordered that the White House must return Acosta’s access, and Trump has vowed to take harsh action.


The November 7th White House news conference began with the President taking credit for Republicans not suffering complete defeat in the Nov 6 mid-term election and promising to engage in unity and bipartisanship over the long-promised wall that’s both being built and that he would like to start building any day now so long as everyone agrees with him.
But one reporter, Jim Acosta of CNN, took it upon himself to ask actual questions about the President’s characterization of a wave of refugees from Central America as an ‘invasion’, and then follow up with a question about the Russia investigation. Maintaining his customary temper, Trump suggested ‘that’s enough’, the investigation was a ‘hoax’, and that Acosta ‘put down the microphone’. At that point, an intern who was totally not Lindsay Walters approached Acosta in an attempt to prevent any further accostment. Acosta would not relinquish the mic, and a struggle ensued, prompting Trump to strip the reporter of his White House privileges.


CNN then launched a lawsuit against the White House to restore Acosta’s credentials. Today, in the lawsuit, Judge Timothy Kelly ruled in favor of CNN’s request for a temporary restraining order against the revocation saying, “You can’t do that.”

In his initial response to the ruling, Trump said it was ‘No big deal’. But a source from inside the White House reported that the president was vexed by the ruling and began pacing the halls yelling “Who can I fire?!” to which no one responded. Hours later, a Tweet by Trump lent veracity to this account:

“The so-called judge in this terrible CNN case has ruled against the first amendment in a partisan ruling. When will judges be accounted for liberal bias. I promise I will deal with whoever is responsible for this terrible appointment of this judge. Sad!”

When asked if anyone was going to inform the president of the identity of the responsible party, the source stated; “No, no one here wants to tell him that.”

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