As has been stated before, The BS Buzzsaw has no political bias when it comes to Bullshit. We will dissect any Bullshit regardless of ideology… so long as it is indeed Bullshit. But what constitutes bullshit?

Bullshit will consist of any of the following:

-Use of logical fallacies
-Deliberate conflation for the purpose of relating the unrelated
False parity
-Citing documentation, research, or studies that are demonstrably flawed or previously proven false or misleading.
Deliberately misleading context
-False information, quotes, or reportage.
-All of the above are the tools of Propaganda… which often tends to be Bullshit.

Basically, anything that is designed to deliberately mislead an audience or otherwise make them believe that which simply is not true is Bullshit.


If you find ANY Bullshit, especially viral graphics, videos, or news articles, absolutely leave a comment with any of those at The BS Buzzsaw “About” page so that we can vivisect the crap out of it.

Obviously, just because you THINK something is bullshit or you just don’t like something you’ve seen, that doesn’t mean it’s Bullshit. If it doesn’t meet the above criteria, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing to Buzzsaw apart. Also, if it has already been done thoroughly enough elsewhere, as much as we love our flair, it may be entirely unnecessary to deal with it.

Don’t get butthurt if we tell you it’s not Bullshit or it’s not Bullshit worth taking apart. Lies are taken apart every day by sites like Snopes and Factcheck. We don’t do mere lies, we do Bullshit.

Other than that, keep your eyes and ears open for the Bullshit, understand what is Bullshit and why it is Bullshit, and fight it at every turn. After all, Bullshit is what ultimately destroys civilizations.

Don’t destroy civilization.

Don’t spread Bullshit.


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