Non-conservatives have always been too civilized, too unwilling, and too careful to resort to the ‘T’ word when it comes to their fellow Americans. No conscientious American wants to believe, let alone declare that any of their fellow Americans may in any way be a ‘traitor’ as such a statement carries serious implications.
That’s no qualm for conservatives, however.  Calling other Americans ‘Traitors’ with no cause save blind partisan rhetoric has been their go-to rallying cry for decades now.  They are of the belief that only THEY truly represent American ‘values’, and that their political adversaries must necessarily be their opposite in every way. It is this inability to think outside of the exclusive dichotomies of ‘good/bad’, ‘right/wrong’ that makes it so easy for them to level that label on Clinton, Obama, and every non-conservative that doesn’t agree that dropping bombs on everyone we don’t like isn’t just the dog-gone most apple-pie perfect answer to everything in the world.

Apple Pie Bombs… spreading delicious democracy.

They called Obama a ‘traitor’ with exactly ZERO evidence that he had done anything to undermine US interests in favor of a foreign adversary; same with Hillary Clinton. They believed in a twisted chain of reason that because they were their political adversaries, they must be traitors, and therefore no number of investigations, no amount of money, and no great dearth of evidence would be enough until their certainty was satisfied and traitors they were proven to be.
It was just so obvious to them that they MUST be traitors because so many of their sources were feeding them narratives that included false birth certificates, disinformation, misleading context, and a hail of half-truths that it just HAD to add up to treachery.

But every investigation turned up virtually nothing. They WANTED it to be true, so it HAD to be true, and if you ask them, 99.9% will say Clinton and Obama got away with murder and helping the terrorists win… despite all evidence to the contrary.

So if there’s one thing we can certainly depend on, it’s the stalwart vigilance of conservatives in the face of any of our leaders crossing the line from good ‘Murkin values and into the shady world of self-enrichment, undermining our alliances, or outright helping our foreign adversaries to the detriment of our national security and the security of the world.


Forgot the addendum: “So long as the leaders in question aren’t one of their own.”

The hyper-partisanship of conservatives has not been in question for decades.  Among the nearly countless examples of conservatives putting the interest of party ahead of the interest of the nation, one defining example stands out; When conservatives cheered after Obama failed to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to the US.

Scenes like this played out across the country. On websites, at town hall meetings, everywhere there were conservatives who heard about Obama’s failure, cheers went up to celebrate a loss that we ALL ultimately suffered. It was more important to them that ‘Obama lost’ than the fact that we ALL lost. And they cheered.
No doubt many non-conservatives have noticed that conservatives come to politics not with a mind for building consensus to achieve overall beneficial results for the people of the US, but instead with a win or lose, winner take all, sports fan mentality. It is this unsophisticated, two-dimensional approach to politics we have seen them engage in consistently. Just as religious zealots and sports fanatics alike tend to believe they are on the ‘right’ and ‘good’ side, while everyone who is not on their team is ‘bad’, so too do today’s conservatives. Any loss the opponent suffers must therefore be ‘good’.

And so they cheer, because they cannot escape their partisan, sports-fan mentality and recognize this is a game we are in together for the benefit of all, not just ‘certain people’ that look, act, and think just as they do.

So, when their star quarterback who blundered his way into the starting position (let’s face it, his adversaries ‘dropped the ball’ plenty enough), there is no failure, no lie, no oversight, no gaffe that they will even acknowledge, because such acknowledgement, to them, is like giving the ‘other team’ points.

But where they once screamed ‘Treason’, now, with actual evidence of ties to Russians, admissions by administration officials, and official intelligence sources all pointing to a foreign adversary having potential influence over the Executive Branch, and that same executive branch having ALREADY acted in the interests of that very foreign adversary… where are their cries of treachery? Where are their calls for impeachment or even investigation that were the cacophony from their camp for the past eight years?

Yes, they are plainly hyper-partisan hypocrites. But try to imagine Obama standing in Trump’s place right now; Playing more golf and racking up more travel expenses than any president in history in their first hundred days, having open business interests he could easily profit from, having multiple administration officials, including the head of the NSA for a short time have direct financial ties to a foreign adversary. Imagine if Obama dissed NATO, the one great check against that foreign adversary and even GAVE that adversary a slight advantage in their pursuits? Just think how they would squeal for impeachment or hanging over the number of outrageous lies told so far?

Yes, we know that they’ve already done that over much, much less; because Obama wasn’t ‘one of them’.

But looking right on their faces and into their brains, it’s quite obvious that the reason they refuse to acknowledge the possibility that Trump may be an asset to a foreign adversary, is because he’s ‘one of them’… and they are not willing to allow for the possibility that we truly do have what they so greatly decried during Obama’s administration; a true ‘Manchurian Candidate’.

And every single one of them that wailed about Obama, demanded not one, not two, but EIGHT investigations into BENGHAZI!™ , called for more proof of citizenship than provided by any other president in history, and declared that Obama was a threat to the US but refuse to support any investigation whatsoever, whatever excuse they make, into whether or not a foreign adversary may have influence over the White House is, in no uncertain terms, a TRAITOR to this nation.

Given their own well-documented history, there is no argument that they can make for their hypocrisy other than blind partisanship.

If they are willing to put their own partisanship, their own party, before the guarantee of the security and integrity of our highest office, they are in tacit admission that by adding their voice to any call to prevent that guarantee, they are undermining the United States of America, and no matter how many flags they fly, how red, white and blue they paint their vehicles, no matter how many barbeques they have or apple pie they eat while convincing each-other how patriotic they are, they are nothing of the sort until they stop and say, “You know what, even if I don’t believe it, I think it’s important we have a full investigation to make absolutely certain we aren’t under threat by Russia in any way.”

But they won’t do it, because that would be a concession to ‘the other side’, and they won’t put their own country before their party, or their pride.

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