Some time ago I had an idea, one out of many hundreds, to try to write something that would communicate to almost anyone just how abnormal everything is under Trump. History is written. It will not reflect kindly on Donald Trump, the many Republicans who bent a knee to his flailing whims, and the millions of people who mindlessly supported a man who was more demonstrably unfit to run a gas station, let alone a nation, than any person who came to power in history. Barring any of three events, absolutely nothing will change history’s view of the most disastrous POTUS ever. Those are;
1) An absolute miracle occurs and, before he leaves office, Trump has an epiphany, becomes thus enlightened, and performs some magnificent service to the nation that reaps benefits for ALL of the people for decades to come.
2) Trump becomes a dictator, takes over the entire world without nuking it, then proceeds to scrub every single record of his presidency, every quote, every video, and every living memory of his ineptitude from the face of the planet and rewrites an entirely fictional legacy.
3) A Giant Asteroid wipes out all life on the planet.

Given the unlikelihood of these things (well, ‘3’ is a toss-up), it’s safe to say that all of mankind will have a terrible retrospective view of him for, well… ever. To that end, I should like to have added a particular perspective that children and adults alike can grasp.
That’s ‘Juniper Mouse and the Very, Very Angry President’.

Juniper is a mouse who lives in the White House. When a new president moves in, there’s something VERY different about him. He says things that make her terribly upset, and he’s nothing like all the other presidents who came before. So get the book and follow Juniper as she finds out just what’s wrong with the Very Angry President.

Follow Juniper as she investigates the Angry President.