Look, if you’ve read any of my blog, you’ll have figured out that I despise Trump as much as the next guy.

“Yeah, I’m that next guy, so?”

Frankly, I’m not actually a partisan. It looks that way because I tend to go along with things conservatives despise, like facts, science, equal rights, and as such I am anathema to them. But just because I reject most of the right’s twisted narrative doesn’t mean I don’t reject any of the left’s… especially where there often isn’t a photon’s difference between them.

Joe Biden’s problem is he’s establishment, he’s behind the times and out of touch, and even though he’ll be orders of magnitude better than Trump, he can’t solve any of our real problems. Let’s set aside the fact that the Powers That Be™ (The biggest lobbies) won’t let any president fix everything and ask, “But will Biden even try to reduce their power?”. The answer is a solid ‘No’.

So here ya go:


It comes in all available colors, and you can choose to put the design on dozens of different items including (but not limited to) coffee mugs, tote bags, stickers, you all know how that stuff works.


So wear it loud and proud without saying a word… and trigger a few Libs while you’re at it!