For some decades now, corporations and the wealthy elite in the US have been meticulously consolidating their power. To that end, they have gone to great lengths to take control of our media and exploit a particular vulnerability in millions of Americans: fear.
Here in America, we have a very large sector of highly insecure, very angry, and terribly ignorant people whose tribal mentality makes them ideal for manipulation. These were the people that believed that Barak Obama was a Kenyan, Muslim, Socialist dictator whose plan was to teach children to be gay, install Sharia ‘law’, take everyone’s guns away, and put all white, Christian conservatives into concentration camps.
They believed these things because Obama was on ‘the other side’. Because they are incapable of thinking outside of exclusive dichotomies, they easily believed that anything ‘bad’ about those they considered their adversaries must be true. They neither needed nor had any evidence to support their hysteria, but they believed it anyway.  In fact, as January 2017 passed without their winding up in prison camps, having their guns taken away, or Obama declaring martial law and declaring himself dictator for life, it is obvious now how ridiculous their fears were.
I commend you, Russian rapscallions, for recognizing and taking full advantage of the collective delusions of so many millions of morons who would go on to so easily believe that Clinton sold you our uranium, Obama wiretapped Trump (was that one yours?), and an entire array of Bullshit that played on their fears and energized them to install a demagogue in the White House. Special props for some of the clever bits of irony embedded in your campaign:

Russian humor.png

Cleverness aside, it cannot be argued that your efforts had no effect on the election. But the achievement goes far beyond putting your favorite candidate in office. This particular president has not only showed favoritism to Russia by praising Putin, weakening NATO and The Ukraine, and refusing to levy sanctions on you for your aggression in Crimea, he has also showed a complete unwillingness to do anything to prevent any election meddling you might engage in during future elections.

Frankly, you’ve all hit the jackpot.

Trump supporters, being tribal partisans miles above being patriots, would refuse to believe they were in a burning house if Trump and their media told them it was ‘Fake News’. So something as abstract to them as an attack by a foreign adversary through social media for the purpose of manipulating the election process simply does not exist in their universe.

Great example here:

Facts do not matter to these people, and you guys called it!

What you’ve effectively done is take the masses who were carefully cultivated and groomed to be unquestioning apparatchiks by our corporate media and made them your own. You are now in a position to continue to wreak havoc on our democracy while secure in the knowledge that your efforts will have the unique protection of millions of Americans in militant denial of your venture.

So congratulations! Thanks to the extreme lack of vigilance as a result of the media removing reason, logic, and critical thinking skills from a vast swath of our populace, your ‘soft coup’ has been a resounding success.
While I like to believe that our institutions will do their best to counter your efforts, your POTUS is working hard to undermine their effectiveness. So ‘hope’ that we will survive as a democracy is pretty much all we have.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for my beginners’ Russian language class.

– G.S.Croft

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